10+ Notepad++ Tips For Fast Development

The EOL conversion feature under the Edit menu does the job just fine, as someone has already mentioned – very quick, very easy, very accurate. I did notice something a little odd, though, which is why I’m throwing in my two cents worth. We can also get dark mode in Notepad++, but a little hard to find.

If you also have any of these problems, you can find the methods here. Follow the steps below to recover deleted Andriod Notes. If you are a Mac user, you may use TextEdit instead of Notepad. Accidentally pressing delete, closing the wrong window, or a machine shutting down suddenly can result in TXT file loss. It can be a chilling moment when you realize that an important document has suddenly disappeared. Fortunately, you can get Mac TXT files back with dependable solutions.

Ways to Open Notepad in Windows 10

Either you love the idea, or it’s a needlessly complicated way to make grocery lists; there’s very little middle ground. There’s a very healthy notes app ecosystem for Apple devices; however, since they’re all paid products and Apple Notes is so good, none of them made this list. For more options, check out our picks for the best Mac note-taking apps and the best iPad note-taking apps.

  • Check your Recycle Bin and automatic backup folders for deleted presentations, or use recovery software.
  • The program is not listed in the Windows Settings or Control Panel.
  • This amazing application ensures you can recover the data with one click.
  • We’ll be using this tool to modify registry values.

If you want to recover your files urgently and do not want any damage to happen to your data, you should go for the second solution. If you want to know how upl.co.ug/troubleshooting-notepad-how-to-prevent-file/ to recover a corrupted Notepad++ file, you can opt for iMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert if you’re going to recover the files within seconds. On the top of the screen, you can find the pause option if you want to pause the recovery process. To get the corrupted files back, here is another method that you can try.


The resource is absolutely free and open-source. It has a pretty simple user interface and it comes with virtually all the features that you’d love to see in a text editor. This makes it ideal for users with technical and non-technical backgrounds.

Let’s say I have a class that I want to rename in a file. Once the installation of “Wine” is done, time to download and install Notepad++. Notepad++ is a Windows exclusive application and not available for Linux. But there is an approach that helps in getting it installed on Linux devices.

I was given Instructions to change my .bash_profile located on Linux Home directory (~) and create an alias like … I’ve used Notepad++ before and was able to set up tab stops at columns 7,8,12, and 72. I can’t find the location to set those tab stops up this time. I hope you find the context menu addition useful and a little bit easier to access than using the Open with menu. After the scan, you can preview all recovered files, select the target one and click “Recover” button to save.

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